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The Process



Solution Delivery


The cloudPLUS meets with the DM's & DI's a second time to explain our findings, research, solutions and the different options. After all questions have been answered, the products and services best suited for the "proof of concept" period are selected. After that the agreements are provided for signature.

Our recommendations can be implemented as a whole or "a la carte", based on your needs or requirements. We will provide you the "right solution" to resolve the PAIN POINTS identified in the discovery meeting.

The cloudPLUS uses a DISCOVERY meeting with the business decision-makers (DM's) and decision influencers (DI's). We meet with all the players so we get not only what management wants but what the IT folks know and recognize as problems. We inventory the existing IT network including the data, cable & telecom connections with the DM's & DI's for PAIN POINTS, i.e. latency, costs, Internet access speed, etc.

Next, we inquire about business model changes, i.e. moving to telecommuting, growth, etc., to anticipate future challenges. Finally, we ask for a uninhibited "wish list" that we may be able to be meet through our solution.

Third, we have an understanding of your business and now we can share current technology solutions that coincide with your goals. Then we set a timetable.

The cloudPLUS does an indepth analysis of your existing network and services. Then a comparison to the available providers for each location is done based on price and service level requirements. We consult with our partners to see if they have any additional options that would fulfill a future need identified during the DISCOVERY meeting.

The cloudPLUS assembles our findings. Our sales engineers are available during this process to address any technical questions.

71% of businesses pay to much for their IT network, data & telecom expenses. If an IT professional can help you identify the waste, develop a solution and provide you a road map to implementation for no cost, why wouldn't you?

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