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e-desks from The cloudPLUS is our user interface to cloud computing. IT budgets are cut dramatically by reducing hardware, software and other expenses. The migration to the cloud will result in 24/7 monitoring, faster processing, greater reliability, network access flexibility & 99.99% up time. If you are serious about saving money this is the conversation you need to have with The cloudPLUS!

Times and choices have changed in business communications. The cloudPLUS provides ACCESS to the Internet & telecom infrastructure as a data, cable & telecom broker. We have the knowledge & options to find the right service provider that fits your business needs anywhere in the US.

Is your "information" safe? What if your data is lost or stolen? What's the real cost? Our cloud computing solutions provides business continuity and keeps your data & network safe. SECURITY with The cloudPLUS can be as simple as backing up data on remote servers to real time mirrored data duplication to create an immediate disaster recovery site. A secure cloud based network lets our clients sleep at night.

What we do.

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The cloudPLUS will move your business to the "cloud", i.e. a remote secure private server/network accessible via the Internet, as a supplement or an alternative to a traditional IT department. We objectively analyze your IT network. We look at your business continuity plan, access to the Internet, your ability to remotely access data and your security. Through our assessment, we provide you ways to reduce your IT budget, both OP-EX & CAP-EX, while increasing network speed, flexibilty in access, security and enhance business continuity.

The cloudPLUS provides unbias solutions from a fresh outside perspective of your IT operation. We specialize in finding savings and helping you cost shift those financial resources to produce the levels of IT service that are common in today's marketplace. We help relieve the financial pressure on your IT budget while improving network performance.

We act as independent consultants, so you will get an honest opinion and a list of your options whether we are talking about cloud computing vs. a traditional IT network or the current service level offerings in the data, cable or telecom marketplace. Imagine growing your company while getting more out of each IT or communication dollar spent or reducing your IT budget. We provide theses services to enterprise level companies or a family business.

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