The paradigm shifts with e-desks.

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Contact us @ 972.867.4140 or


If you are looking for an example of an e-desk, look no further. Below is the actual speed of CorePLUS's CoreDESK. Notice: You can connect to your data from any Internet connected device & move to another device on their agnostic platform, i.e. desktop, to iPAD to an Andriod device, right where you left off.

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Movement to the cloud.

Why people switch to

the e-desk advantage.

Business Continuity is the biggest reason for businesses moving to the "cloud". As time has passed and businesses have become more reliant on their IT network, few businesses have kept up with the change in technology and addressed their greater dependence on their aging IT infrastructure. Things like:

1. Viruses or malware

2. Power outages

3. Natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.)

4. Terrorism / Theft

5. Failure to back-up data

All these create an environment that could lead to disaster for a business and their ability to continue after an event. Today, you can quickly and easily migrate to a secure remote private server accessible from the Internet, i.e. the cloud, with ease! In the cloud your software, data & business can be accessible from virtually any Internet connected device as seen above.

An e-desk will provide you access to your cloud based network. The main difference between the cloud based network and a traditional IT network is your speed will be significantly faster, your data is secure, backed-up and more readily available. All this is while you are paying significantly less for what you use. No further capital expenses have to be made chasing technology. If you can connect to the cloud, you're in business!

1. 99.99% Up time.

2. New employee turn-up in minutes.

3. All computer processing is done remotely.

4. Remote processing extends current computer life.

5. Pay only for the number of software users vs. computers.

6. Unify the company on the same version of software.

7. Always the most current versions of software in use.

8. Platforms agnostic to software operating systems.

9. Access to e-desk from a smart phone, tablet or computer.

10. Data is secure and backed-up immediately.

11. User support available 24/7/365 days a year.

12. Huge budget & IT resource impact.

The cost savings.

1. No more server purchases.

2. No more router purchases.

3. No more VPN latency.

4. No more software purchases or license issues.

5. No more "cool rooms".

6. No more onsite back-ups.

7. No more high electric bills.

8. No more down weekends for server upgrades.

9. IT staff reallocation to core business needs.

10. Reduction in IT staff workload.

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