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Cloud computing is simply the movement of a traditional IT network to a remote secure private server/network accessible through the Internet. Cloud computing is the next stage for business and personal computing.

Cloud computing models vary: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Some cloud computing providers offer one or more of these services separate or together.

The easiest way to understand the CLOUD as a Service is as a "pay as you go service". The layman's comparison would be leasing a car vs. purchasing a car. You lease a car equipped the way you need it with convenience features (software), engine size (power) and room for the passengers (capacity) but you don't want to keep the car forever or do maintenance. You just want to turn it on, go & pay less for the better ride.omputing can completely

What is cloud computing?


The "real" reason people are moving to the cloud?


A traditional IT network



Extends existing computer life

Routers & Servers

Anti-virus & security software

VPN Software

Internet connection

Redundant internet connection

Firewall appliance/device

Backup device/system

Extra air conditioning

Back-up power

IT staff to install & maintain

IT Training

Software Upgrades

Server Upgrades

Router Upgrades

New Hardware Purchases

Lots and lots of MONEY!!!

A cloud based network

A device smartphone, tablet, laptop & desktop.

Infrastructure, platform & software as a service.

Internet connection.

The benefits other than the obvious

This is a primary business continuity tool.

This is a primary disaster recovery tool.

Flexible access to data/network.

Faster processing speed.

Life of desktop/laptop extended.

24/7/365 Monitoring & support.

99.99% up time guarantee.

System reliability.

Relief for the IT staff.

Software version uniformity.

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