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About us.

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The cloudPLUS is a complete cloud computing solution provider. A thorough analysis of your network operation is completed to fully understand your needs and goals, i.e. business expansion, moving to home based offices, etc. This process helps our clients identify issues & goals. Then we streamline IT operations through technology while reducing expenses.

The cloudPLUS uses its partnerships to bring our clients the strongest service levels agreements (SLA's) from our industry's leading providers. We are also a nationwide data, cable & telecom broker. Because of this, we can shop for the best service provider for YOU. We aren't beholden to a single source provider, i.e. AT&T, Verizon, etc. We provide alternatives to traditional IT solutions and data, cable & telecom providers that dramatically lessen your expenses, staffing burdens and distractions to you from your company's core business.

The cloudPLUS specializes in helping nationwide IT intensive multi-location businesses.

Our mission.

The cloudPLUS mission is to alleviate our client's PAIN POINTS related to IT networks issues and budgets through technology. Also, we identify and remove PAIN POINTS associated with the communciations budget (data, cable & telecom). We enhance service level agreements through brokering with nationwide service providers for cost reductions, faster data, cable & telecom services with higher SLA's.

We will enhance your IT network reliability, security and flexibility in access through cutting edge technology and superior service providers. We will maximize the value for your IT budget. Additionally, we will provide superior technical knowledge, customer service and access to

The cloudPLUS partners making our relationship indispensible.

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